Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Wild Wild West

So I'm just chillin at a great little coffee shop in Castle Rock, Co called Java Guru, pretty nice place, and wanted to write about a little experience I had yesterday that both thrilled me and freaked me out!

So, last night, I was sitting down stares chatting with my lady friend, and out of the corner of my eye I see something moving a little ways outside the window. My family lives in the foothills of Colorado, so you see a lot of different animals and critters and things, mostly deer and fox and such. This occasion was a little different, what I thought I was seeing out of the corner of my eye was not a fox. It was a Mountain Lion, staring straight at me through the window! I'm not gonna lie, I about wet my pants! It was kinda dark in the house so she was all crouched down peering in, probably wondering what I was and what I was doing! From what I could tell, she was probably the size of my Golden Retriever. When I got up to go tell my family I think she got startled and ran off, so I didn't have time to grab the camera, bummer! It was pretty stinkin cool though, and freaky! I have never seen one except for on the Discovery Channel so it was pretty exciting to see one outside my window. Needless to say, we'll be keeping a closer eye on our Pomeranian when we let him out, he would make a good snack!


Jessee said...

If I visit in Dec. & I'm outside with your pomeranian and I see a Mtn. lion. I will throw the dog in his direction and make a run for the house.

J.R. Lee said...

Alright that's it...
I am coming to CO for a visit. Much fun it would be.