Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Proverbials: Part Two

"The desire of the sluggard kills him,
for his hands refuse to labor.
All day long he craves and craves,
but the righteous gives and does not hold back."
Proverbs 21:25-26

As you read the Proverbs, you will see that a great many of them are a contrast of two things. In verse 5 it was the between the diligent and the hasty. Here we have the contrast between the "sluggard" or lazy, and the "righteous." The contrast seems to point out that one is inward focused an the other is outward focused. The sluggard thinks of nothing but himself and his desires. He is consumed by them and is never satisfied. The righteous, on the other hand, is outward focused; thinking of other people and their desires before himself. The assumption is that not only is this right, but he is also satisfied in his actions. I want to be the kind of person that is always thinking about other people and putting them before myself. I know people like this and they are a joy to be around. However, selfless thinking is not always easy.

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