Sunday, November 11, 2007


In the midst of all the craziness of finals, I had to take a few minutes and enjoy the fall, I wish I could have taken a day and just went shooting; yet such is life. I'll hopefully post some more after a bit!


Brooke Anderson said...

Hey Jason!

You know, I heard this rumor that you interned with Todd Pellowe! So, I was wondering if you photograph weddings? I am looking for a photographer for my wedding which is May 17th, 2008, and Todd is booked. I have a few other appointments, but I would definately be interested in seeing your work if it is something you do, and talking about packages, or what you ar eable to do! Thanks so much!

In Christ,
Brooke Anderson

Brooke Anderson said...

Oh yea, you can emial me at, or call me at (239)464-8818!

In Christ,

Mom said...

I Love the Logo as it appears on these photos. On the black background it looks awesome!!!!
Very classy.