Monday, November 26, 2007

Good Days

I just spent the majority of my day putting up Christmas lights. I enjoy them...but their not always my favorite to put up. It wasn't that cold today, but my toes were like ice when I came in! They look great though! I also finished my last paper for the semester this morning. I still have one final that I am waiting for my professor to email to me but other than that I am done!

Yesterday was a good day as well! I spent the day with my Sis visiting a couple churches. She is still in search of a good church in Colorado so we visited a few and in between took a great drive through the mountains and stopped at an awesome coffee shop called Java The Hut. They don't have a web site or I would link to it, they did have free wi-fi though, always a plus!

Most of the time when I am in Colorado, I like to take some time and go shooting. I really haven't done much this time, most of my photography has been done on my computer editing. I may go out with my sister tomorrow eventing to shoot some, we'll see. I was able to slip away and take some night exposure shots, haven't done that in a while. I even got myself in a few, what a goof!

I love the colors in this shot! This was a 6 second exposure, at 640 ISO, f/2.8. It was like 20 degrees, but I layered up!
Same specs as the shot above.This one however, was a 15 second exposure. Almost looks like day time eh? All these shots were taken at night, but the moon was full so there was plenty of light to work with!

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Lee said...

Dude these pics are really cool! I hope you can take some more. I've never been to colorado. Your house sounds cool.