Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Almost There!

Come Friday I will almost be done with the semester. I will still have a paper to finish over Thanksgiving, which is a real bummer, but for the most part, the rest of the semester will be done. After that, its on to processing tons of Images from recent events that have had to wait until the end of the semester. There won't be much of a change in terms of intensity of schedule, however, the type of work and location will vary, which will be nice. This semester has flown by, and to be honest, I'm glad! Only one more before GRADUATION!! That day cannot come fast enough!! I wish I could say that my last semester was going to be an easy one...but alas, I cannot. I will have to take a full load, but oh well.

Although the end has been crazy, it has not been as crazy as it could have been. I have seen Gods faithfulness in many ways. I was also able to get out and have some fun. These are just a few images I was able to take of Jenny the other day in the park. She is kinda shy about pictures, but you could never tell, she's so photogenic!

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Mom said...

These pics are GREAT!
Love Ya