Monday, December 31, 2007

RL Roster - Revised - 2008

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Red Wings Game Recap!

So I was finally able to look at some of the images of the game and thought I would share some of them. It was a great game! To my surprise, there were lots of Red Wings fans. Final score, 4 to 2 Red Wings. Let me tell you, this was a nice change because I am being dead serious when I say that pretty much ANY game I go to, no matter what sport, the team that I am cheering for almost always loses! I get so sick of that! But not this time! Go Wings!!!

Sweet fight! One of the reasons I love hockey!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bikes or Bust Recap

I saw this on JR's blog and just had to share it with everyone! Keep it up guys!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Go Wings!


One of the areas I really desire to grow in over the next year is the area of finances! I don't have any debt and have never been terrible with money, but serious budgeting and planing for the future have been somewhat neglected. To help in this I have decided to read The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I love Dave Ramsey and listen to his show as often as I can and find it extremely inspiring! I have already completed about 30% and am just devouring this book! I still plan on reading Simple Church and think that both are possible with a little consistency and discipline! I'll keep you posted.

Two Down...Reading Update.

Its been snowing all day and the house has been pretty quiet...perfect day to sit in front of the fire and read! I cannot tell you how enjoyable it is!

I was finally able to finish up Communicating for a Change.

Final assessment: Good Book with some really helpful insights about communication. Definitely beneficial!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

PBB Argentina Fight Video! popular demand I finally put this video on youtube and thought I would share it with everyone. This is a video that a friend made while I was in Argentina. It was during the summer months when we had plenty of time between classes and summer camp. We only had three gloves but we made due! I still get tons of laughs watching this video! Imagine with me...a room that was about 90 degrees on the inside with about 10 guys crammed in boxing...I still remember that smell! What good times!

After Effects

After a long beautiful day of snow, we were left with about 10 inches! Its suppose to snow on and off for the next week or so too, I'm pumped!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

White Christmas!

This year, and last, we've had a perfect white Christmas. Its been snowing pretty strongly all day, its beautiful! We're actually going to go take a walk in it in a little while! Its been a great day so far!

Most of the day it snowed much harder than this, and so far we've gotten about 6 inches!

This pic is from last year, looking off our front porch. We had like three feet! Right after this we left for Hawaii...Amazing!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Coobs Family Petting Zoo

As we were just hangin out at the house today we had some visitors, as we usually do! They get pretty bold this time of year as the food supply becomes scarce. My mom, of course, LOVES to feed whatever wild life wanders into the yard, including Bears and things that should not be fed. Thought I would share!


Over the past week I've been working on a project that was long overdue. I was hitting it pretty hard so really haven't thought about much else. Praise the Lord, I was able to finish it up yesterday and spent the rest of the day just hanging out with the fam. It was nice! It seems that whenever I get a break from the whatever I am doing, like the end of a semester or a big project or something, as I unwined, I always become very contemplative, especially this time of year. I think about where I am spiritually as well as other areas of life and where I want to be. I think about this coming year and things that I want to strive after. Its good to think about these things but at times, it can be pretty overwhelming. God is showing me a lot of things in my life right now that need to change. I am so glad that He doesn't leave it at that, however, but is there to help me change. His grace is sufficient! Its a long road, but I am grateful that He is there to walk it with me!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Final Count!

Rumor has it that the final count of bikes was 120! That's awesome!

All the bikes are being donated, through the school systems, to families in need for Christmas gifts! A couple of the principles even came out and got a ride on the lift!

Back Home!

Flew back home last night for Christmas and the new year. Its always nice to be home. As always I've got some projects to finish up and also hope to get some good reading done! On the flight I was able to finish Confessions of a Pastor and am about 80% done with Communicating for a Change! I really enjoyed Confessions! I love the honesty that he brings! It was definitely and encouragement to shed the show and just be real! I love it! Great book!

Bikes or Bust!

So I went by to see the progress on Bikes or Bust before flying out to CO for the holidays! Its going great! They had many bikes already and the number was growing steadily! Walmart sold all they had and had to order more! Starbucks came over and offered them free coffee as long as they're up there and a couple of the news stations came by as well! I don't think they will have any problems reaching the the goal and will probably exceed it! I can't wait to here the final number!

I'm diggin the scruff! Keep it goin Todd!

A view from the lift!
It was pretty cold most of the time, it even rained some!
It was a lot higher than it looks and pretty wobbly up there!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bikes or Bust!

In a few minutes I'm going to head over and check out an event put on by Freedom Church called Bikes or Bust! I have some pics that I will add later! Check out the website!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finally an Update!

So I finally have a moment to update. Its been a while, my apologies! But, as mentioned, I'm back in Atlanta and have been visiting with some folks and workin on some projects and reading! Its been nice so far! I head home to Colorado tomorrow evening for Christmas so I presume things will slow down a bit!

Things have been good though. I've really been enjoying my Christmas break! I had the opportunity to go visit my girlfriend and her family in Texas and had a blast! What a great family!

She introduced me to Dublin Dr. Pepper! Good stuff!

Mom, Meg and J-Lee.
Mike, Meg, Jenny and I went out to Sonic one afternoon and had some fun being goofy!
Michael was doing some gutter cleaning. Good opportunity for a Silhouette!
Showing her the ropes of Photography...that is...what I know of it!
After I returned from Texas my friend and I caught a Thrashers game, which, not to my surprise, they LOST! But when we got home we had a funny/not experience. You can read about it here.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


So I'm back in Atlanta, had a great time in Texas and hope to post some pics soon! I Still got tons on my plate and tons on my mind, hopefully I can get a good update going soon! Hope you are all doing well!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Heading down to the ATL in a bit! I will only be there for a matter of hours however, before I leave for Texas to go spend some time with my girlfriend and her family for a few days. I am really looking forward to this by the way! I was able to get most of my photography projects completed so am able to take a little time to chill!

After a few days in Texas I will be back in Georgia for a short time where I hope to be able to hang out a bit with the Freedom crew before heading home for Christmas. It should be a pretty exciting couple of weeks! We'll see how the blogging keeps up over the next few days...but no promises!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Reading Update

Time for an update! Things have been wonderfully less stressful since school ended. Its hard to explain how much I am enjoying NOT being in school! Now, let me clarify. This has nothing to do with the subject matter, many of you know I go to a school where I have the privilege of studying and being taught the Bible. I love that! The pressure of paper's and projects, however, I do not and this is what I am referring to.

Anyways, I suppose for accountability's sake I want to keep everyone informed as to how my reading is coming so as not to slack off. This, most assuredly is not my plan, however, just because I suppose. All three of these books I WILL have read by the time school begins again. I am making progress, not as much as I would like, but soon that will change. So here it is.
  1. Communicating for a Change: 60% Complete.
  2. Confessions of a Pastor : 60% Complete. (I am loving this book!)
  3. Simple Church: 0% (I am waiting on this one.)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Funny Picture

As I am doing some editing of Royce and Kasey's wedding this past weekend, I came across this image and I just love how everybody is doing something different...including the guy to the far left not having any idea what to do! I thought I would share, I just think it's funny!

Deja vu

So I decided to come back to Java again today. I had a pretty productive day yesterday and enjoyed the atmosphere so decided to hit it up again! I feel like I have a bad case of Deja vu however because when I walked in, most of the same people are here and in the same places. I as well got the same seat as yesterday! I hope that means that this day will be just as productive!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Consumer Mentality

In the world we live in today and especially in our country, it is incredibly difficult not to fall into the consumer mentality of buy, buy, buy, even if you don't have the money! I will be honest, I have been struggling with this lately. Thankfully, I have resisted the temptation, for the most part. I have no debt and my savings is growing. But it doesn't help any that my sister works for Apple and can get a decent discount. I have to constantly remind myself of what are my needs and what are my wants. Thankfully, I have very few needs. Mostly what I am temped to buy are 'wants'. It's definitely not wrong to buy a 'want' every now and again, but the mentality must be avoided! This, however, is not easy!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Things the past few days have been quite uneventful I have been able to do some more editing and such as well as take my last final for the semester. Finally, I can say completely, that I am done with the semester! Praise the Lord!

Things will stay pretty busy the next few days as I prepare to head to GA! Looking forward to it though, there are not too many people still around in the Ville!

Monday, December 3, 2007


I'm back at Quills this morning hoping to do some serious editing here in a bit! I've been feeling a tad under the weather the last few days so yesterday I just bummed around most of the afternoon after church. It was great! During a wee nap it started to down-pour outside which made the nap all the more pleasurable!

Today, just hoping to get a good bit more editing done! Should be pretty chill! I hope everyone is doing well!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hall Wedding

So I got to the Images a little quicker than I thought I would! It was a great wedding and we were able to have some fun along the way! Here are some of my favorites! Thanks Royce and Kasey for the opportunity!

I love fun jumping shots!

The Maid of Honor who was also kasey's sister made a hilarious toast!

May I introduce Barret, he brought quite a bit of entertainment throughout the day!

The ladies were quite a bit of fun also!
The fellas burned some time playin Holdem!
Charley's Angels anyone?
So, I would never put that thing anywhere near my face!