Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finally an Update!

So I finally have a moment to update. Its been a while, my apologies! But, as mentioned, I'm back in Atlanta and have been visiting with some folks and workin on some projects and reading! Its been nice so far! I head home to Colorado tomorrow evening for Christmas so I presume things will slow down a bit!

Things have been good though. I've really been enjoying my Christmas break! I had the opportunity to go visit my girlfriend and her family in Texas and had a blast! What a great family!

She introduced me to Dublin Dr. Pepper! Good stuff!

Mom, Meg and J-Lee.
Mike, Meg, Jenny and I went out to Sonic one afternoon and had some fun being goofy!
Michael was doing some gutter cleaning. Good opportunity for a Silhouette!
Showing her the ropes of Photography...that is...what I know of it!
After I returned from Texas my friend and I caught a Thrashers game, which, not to my surprise, they LOST! But when we got home we had a funny/not experience. You can read about it here.

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bootgun said...

Sonic has the same tables no matter what state you're in! GO SONIC! Hey did you get any shots of the band Sun.?