Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bikes or Bust!

So I went by to see the progress on Bikes or Bust before flying out to CO for the holidays! Its going great! They had many bikes already and the number was growing steadily! Walmart sold all they had and had to order more! Starbucks came over and offered them free coffee as long as they're up there and a couple of the news stations came by as well! I don't think they will have any problems reaching the the goal and will probably exceed it! I can't wait to here the final number!

I'm diggin the scruff! Keep it goin Todd!

A view from the lift!
It was pretty cold most of the time, it even rained some!
It was a lot higher than it looks and pretty wobbly up there!

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bootgun said...

I just heard, 120 bikes is the estimate of the final haul! WOOHOO!