Monday, November 19, 2007


Finally...the semester is over and I can breath! I still have an 8 to 10 page paper to work on and a take home final, but for the most part, I can breath! Praise the Lord!

I took the weekend to just relax, watch the college games on Saturday (which were both bad and good; bad because Michigan lost to Ohio State...again; good because Georgia won over Kentuck...which was an upset where I am at) and go on an awesome date with my lady friend!
I continued my relaxing weekend on Sunday by not working on my paper. Instead, Jenny and I and some friends of ours, Dan and Jackie went to a beautiful park and were able to have some fun with the camera! It was a great weekend!

Tomorrow I will be heading out to the great state of Colorado! I am pumped, I can't wait to see my family! Plus, I always love the mountains!

Here are some pics of our fun afternoon at Berheim Forest!

Thanks for the shot Dan!

I had to take Jenny to the airport this morning and say goodbye for 2 months...this was not fun. She lives in Texas so its not that easy to just take a little drive to see her. January 17th will be a good day!

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Sarah said...

these pictures are so sweet.. i'm very happy for you, she is beautiful!

p.s. jan 17th is my birthday and im going to see the PREDS play, so will be a very good day! haha :)

--Sarah McGalliard