Friday, July 13, 2007

Thoughts on the Conference

We returned home last night from what seemed, at times, as a never ending set of sessions at the Georgia Baptist Convention's Church Planting "Boot Camp." We laughed a ton and met some really nice people, but there was something that bothered me all week. As we sat in session after session writing vision statements and mission statements and master plans and evangelism strategies, I noticed something that made me both frustrated and sad. We (the church) have been using the SAME ideas, the SAME events and the SAME activities, for the past 30 years to try and reach people! These ideas are not bad and 30 years ago I'm sure they worked great and may still work in some areas but for the most part these methods will NOT reach the younger generation, my generation. The world is changing and we must adapt and find new ways to reach people with the never changing message of the gospel! Sadly, many people are not willing to step outside the comforts of tradition to reach them.

...that is, until Freedom Church!


Terri Lynn said...

I agree!

You're not going to go Emerging Church on me, though, are you?


Jason Coobs said...

Don't you worry!