Monday, July 16, 2007


I just want to say that I am officially jealous of my friends Chris Bumbalough and Bobby Wood! I just got a call from them from Venezuela (awesome!!) and they just told me that last night they got the opportunity to go to the Argentina/Brazil soccer game! If you have ever been to a hispanic country you know how big soccer is to them and how crazy those games can be. Needless to say I am crazy jealous! I am glad they got to go though, Bobby is a soccer fanatic so I know that it was amazing for him to go.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome for your friends. I can imagine how you would want to be there. I bet you're really happy for them.

Emil said...

what up Coobage!!! Hey man....I am jealous to. Lets go to a soccer game of our own....dang it. Anyways...i will call you soon.