Thursday, July 5, 2007

4'th of July

I must say, it was nice to be in the country this year for the 4'th of July! It seems like most summers I am out of the country, which I love, but it is a different experience, to say the least, to be away from your country on it's independence day. In many of the countries I have been in during the 4'th, the U.S is hated and it's not really the best idea to be patriotic. So, it was nice to be at home this year!
It was a great day as well! Tuesday night through Wednesday afternoon myself and a bunch of close friends went up to Liz Noel's sister's house to just chill out by the pool and play crazy games! It was a great time! I am nice and sunburn today, but it was worth it! Last night, I went over to Acworth with the with the Freedom Crew to watch the fireworks by the lake! There was a lot of people, but it was fun!

People watching is always fun at events like this!
Lexi and Brayden loved this slide!

London saying "cheese!"
Some of the kids didn't like the loud fireworks!

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