Friday, July 6, 2007


Today, thus far, has been extremely frustrating. Many of you know that I love photography! Well, before I loved photography, I loved videography and even began doing some weddings for friends. NEVER AGAIN! I have had so many problems with everything: the computer, software, camera, cables, at every stage of the game I have encountered a billion and one problems. I realize that others have not faced these problems, love videography and are great at it! Wonderful! I am glad that they have not had to go through the problems I have been through! I admit and still believe that there is a magic about video that you cannot create with still images but sadly, the problems that I have encountered have curdled any taste I had for it! Since I have been more involved with photography, it has been smooth sailing, no problems, no hassle, everything has worked properly etc!!!! That is not to say that I will never encounter problems in the future, I know I will, but in comparison, I am sure they will be small!
For now, as my patient mother said as I was venting, I am sure there is something to learn, and for this understanding, I wait!

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Rebekah said...

I just realized I have yet to send you the pictures from the wedding! Do you still want them or are you waiting to get back to KY to finish the video?