Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sister Coobs

Over the years my sister (Terri-Lynn) and I have shared a number of the same hobbies and enjoy many of the same things! She is one of my best friends and someone I love spending time with. Rarely are we together where we are not laughing hysterically at the dumbest of things. We in the family effectually call her Bear, kind of a nick name derived from Terri...Terr just Bear. Anyways, lately, she has been spending more time and energy at photography as well. Actually, she was interested in it before I was. She is getting pretty good as you can see...Keep it up Bear!


Terri Lynn said...

Ok, I am feeling like a rotten plagiarist right now. (BTW, your post made me cry--good thing it wasn't long). That is John Letoto's pic of the leaf...I just didn't think it would be displayed so I hadn't specifically said "I am using a pic i got from John in my room cause I like it".
Opps...props to John for a great pic!

On another note...I am SO ANXIOUS to upload and work on my loads of pics from the past couple months, but have been working on mom's stuff and jobs so much I haven't felt like that is a priority (except to my own desires). Hopefully can do some this weekend. BTW, taking out the battery worked and I am on my comp now. It just will give me a bit of a kick in the butt to decide which type to get.
Please cont. praying about jobs and which one...there is a lot to do and SO MANY avenues I could pursue and since I don't know which will pan out, I guess I need to pursue them all...which could be endless.
Thanks bro. Love ya
Glad you're learning so much :)

Jason Coobs said...

Ok...So props to John Lettoto for the leaf Pic! As for Terri-Lynn, I'll have to post some more of her pics as she edits them.