Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Days Past

The weekend finished pretty well! Sunday morning we attended NorthStar Church in Kennesaw where the Lead Pastor, Mike Linch, kindly introduced our team! It was a good service! I think, for this area, they are the church that will be most like what we will be like. And, as I have mentioned previously, they are an extremely helpful and giving church. They donated all our office furniture and have also offered to help in many other ways. They are also one of the few churches in the area that are effectively reaching the community, they always have there hands in some sort of community event. They are not creating there own community events but participating in the events are are already exist in Kennesaw. This is what Freedom Church desires to do in Acworth.
The Last week in the office has gone well so far! I continue to be challenged each day by new things and ideas. It has truly been a great summer!

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