Monday, September 3, 2007


For the last week I have been on a sermon kick. Every time I have a free moment or am doing something that doesn't require a lot of concentration I try and listen to a sermon. Most of them have been by Steven Furtick from his series Confessions of a pastor. I titled this post refreshing because God has really used this series and these messages to refresh my walk with Him and give me a fresh desire to seek Him and be burdened over my sin. I didn't realize it, but looking back, I can see how I had become somewhat callous and stagnant in my walk with Him. I praise God, however, because He has revived my heart with a desire to walk with Him and grow. This excites me! Truly! I love it when I can see God working in my life; when spending time with Him is a joy and not a check mark; something to be anticipated and not burdensome. What a great reminder!

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