Friday, September 28, 2007


The Lord has really been dealing with me lately about my personal evangelism. It is so easy when you live on a seminary campus to just become absorbed in the "bubble" and slowly become apathetic and forget that there is a lost world that is dying and going to hell without Christ. This is where I was and am striving to climb out of.

As I began to contemplate why, it seemed, that I had such a lack of zeal and urgency to share the gospel it was as if God showed me that if I, in my everyday life, don't realize how desperately I need Him, why would I feel the need to tell others why they need Him. This led to an understanding of a lot of issues in my own heart. When I am not daily being confronted with my sin and my inability to live a life pleasing to Him apart from Him, I won't desire and feel the urgency to share Christ with others. I must constantly walk in an understanding of my depravity and complete dependence on Christ, then and only when I truly understand this, will I understand and feel the urgency to share Christ with others.

To say it simply, God has really been dealing with me about these issues and I am grateful that He is gentle and kind in His dealings with me. He helps me along step by step. I had the privilege of sharing Christ with a guy here on campus named Donald this morning and it
really was a blessing. I didn't share out of compulsion or guilt, but because I desired to, it was a blessing to say the least! I pray, however, that this would truly develop into a lifestyle and not just a once in a while thing; that I would live a lifestyle of evangelism; that I would be so consumed with Christ that I couldn't help but talk about Him. God help me!

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