Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Days Gone By

It has been one busy weekend/beginning of the week. Sadly, my birthday was spent studying in Java where I am currently. I got a lot done so that made it ok. I was sad that I couldn't watch the Michigan Game, however, I did keep my eye on the game through espn.com! This made me happy, although it doesn't give too many bragging rights, its still a win, and a good one! Georgia also had a win. It was a good day in College football, despite Kentucky's win over UofL.

My sister was awesome and got me an itunes gift card for my B-day with which I bought the new Shane and Shane Cd, great Cd. Also, I have held out for a long time on getting an ipod, not wanting to spend the money, however, this birthday that is what i'll purchase, especially now that my sister works for Apple. The new ipod touch is pretty amazing, I played with it in the store the other day, however, I think I will go with the new 160 GB classic. I haven't decided yet, but that would give me the most space for other things beside music, like Pictures of which I have thousands. We will see...

I'm getting pumped for fall break and getting to to go Georgia for Catalyst, and to get to see Freedoms progress and the staff, miss those guys! This are progressing pretty fast and a lot has changed since I left so I can't wait to catch up on things!

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