Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I sat at the coffee shop tonight and tried to catch up on some of my reading that I am behind on. Unfortunately, I have to read a book with the word "anthropological" in the title, and I must say, to use a "J.R.ism," reading it is about as fun as being cheese grated! Other's tell me its not that bad, but I don't see it. Oh well... I feel like I am still trying to catch my breath and always feel behind on things I have to do but I must say, I am enjoying myself. God is really challenging me on time management.

I was encouraged by this blog today. I love people who are excited about ministry! And speaking of excitement, Freedom Church just nailed down a meeting place at North Metro Tech College in Acworth, I can't wait to see how things come together! Also, the website should launch Oct 1st, I can't wait to see it!

I got to speak to the youth tonight at church! I love speaking! It was very short notice and I normally would turn it down for lack of prep time but thought I might not have another opportunity for a while. I felt like I didn't really connect with the students, but others told me it went well, people who, I know, would tell me the truth!

I can't wait to read Communicating for a Change by Andy Stanly when I catch up with everything else I have to do! And I was very encouraged to see this book on the optional reading list of one of our preaching classes. Never thought I would see that!

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