Thursday, August 2, 2007

On Your Mark...Get Set...

Man! Let me tell you, I needed that retreat! Not for relaxation's sake, but to get myself in the groove and ready for this upcoming semester. This summer was amazing and I hadn't switched gears back to school mode yet. I wouldn't say that I am totally there now, but I'm definitely getting there and the retreat really helped. It was great to reconnect with everyone and have a time to refocus on the tasks ahead! God is so faithful! I have really seen His hand working in some of the areas that I have been praying about and that is soooo exciting! The biggest area is in the area of finances. These past couple of years I have really been feeling the need and desire to become more financially independent! My parents are amazing and help me out so much but I need and want to start becoming more independent. My grandfather, as well, was so gracious as to start savings bonds and stocks for me when I was born, which is how I am going to school. These things are blessings and things that I want to be able to do for my kids as well, but I still have desire, in other areas of financial need, to become more independent. Well, God is providing! I have a couple new hats this year that I am really excited about! First of all, I am an RL (Resident Leader, similar to an RA) at Boyce with provides free housing and pays for 2 classes. Secondly, I will be helping to coordinate our campus Dorm Meetings which are amazing times of worship and a time when the whole on-campus student body is together! This pays for another class. So basically the money that I will be saving on school, I will use to live on, not have to work(except photography) and be able to do more of what I love to do, which is leadership! On top of that, as mentioned, photography has picked up as well! I have gotten several requests to shoot different weddings in the upcoming semesters which is also something that I love to do!

So all in all, God is really answering prayer and I am pumped! Now I just need wisdom to use my time wisely so that I can faithfully get things done and do them well. Tomorrow it all begins! Once orientation begins, I hit the ground running! Pray for me!

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Teri said...

Well, now I'm excited for you! Good luck!