Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happenings & Lessons Learned

1 I am finally catching up in school. I finally finished the papers and such that were due after this past summer and am now able to focus more on this semester.

2. I had to turn down an opportunity to preach on Sunday night because I am barely getting by
in school at the moment. I hate that but I think it was a wise decision. I have to learn to say

3. When "MC-ing" and event, never forget to introduce the speaker...lest you get a spanking like the one I got Monday night! It was verbal of course and all in good fun but never the less, I don't believe I will forget again...

4. I am pretty sure that my experience this summer changed my outlook on EVERYTHING! I love it!

5. When encountering an awkward conversation or situation, better to leave and spare yourself
the experience than to continue down in flames...

6. I continue to get questions about photography events, which amazes me. I may be making a new purchase soon as well...can't wait!

7. I hate how, in Blogger, the sentences look one way in the post window and another way when published... why does it do that?

1 comment:

J.R. said...

I want to see the paper!

Have a blast this semester...