Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good Word

Many times on Wednesday nights I car pool with the others that have to make the trek out to Bullitt Lick BC where we go to church. Yesterday, however, everyone had different schedules and so I made the trek myself. Since church starts around 6:00 or so traffic is normally terrible and it takes me round about an hour to get there. This turned out to be very profitable, however, because I was able to listen to an awesome message by Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. God really used the message to a growing callousness of my heart towards sin. His passion for the Lord and his own brokenness over his sin really forced me to examine my own heart. It was a great message and one that I am grateful to the Lord for using it to convict my heart. You can listen to a podcast of the message titled Confessions of a Pastor, Part 1. (click on Podcast at the bottom of the page)

That brings up another issue. I am so grateful for churches that podcast there messages and don't make you pay for them. I can't stand it when I want to listen to a message from a particular church and I have to pay, sometimes (I've paid) seven bucks for it. It does not cost that much to make a CD! ...I could really get going on that one but I think I will leave it at this!...I am simply grateful for Pastor's that let God use there ministry in this way and don't always try and make a buck from it...

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Terrisa said...

So, I tried to download all the sermons and seemed to only be able to get one at a time (without subscribing, cause i don't want to subscribe). I wanted to download the series but it would like "tape over" whatever one I already had if i tried to download another.

What the heck?!