Friday, August 10, 2007

Amazing Day!

I wanted to post some pictures of yesterday's ride near Key stone, Loveland Pass and A-basin. I can't even begin to explain how awesome the view is from the top of these mountains! You take a beating getting to the top but its all worth it when you finally make it!

This is a view of one of the trails we had to take to make it to the top.

I hate the way a picture never captures the true sense of how steep this trail was as well as how bigs these rocks really were. This trail really took it out of you!

This is what awaits you at the top that makes it all worth it!

You can see where you've been and where you are going. Amazing!

If you look closely on the trial to the right you can see a black dot which is my dad, making his way down the trail.

At the top of Red Cone Mountain, 12,801 feet.

This was my chariot for the day! This is our newest addition to our family, a 2006 KTM 450 EXC. This bike is awesome! Its light weight and powerful. Many times going up a hill, all you can do is gas it, hold on and it will bring you to the top!

The trail you are looking at in the distance is called Radical Hill, fitting name for sure! It was a doozy!
The speck you can see is Jessee making his way down Red Cone hill. It is a lot steeper than it looks!

This hill as well was Crazy, one of those "gas it and hold on" hills.

We saw a few mountian goats at the top, the bikes didn't scare them at all!
What an amazing day. At the end, I was completely exhausted! Got home and mom had some steaks ready to be put on the grill, a perfect way to end the day!


Teri said...

Jason, these are amazing! When are you coming to ATL again, and when you do will you have time to take Kelsianne's senior picture. She really wants you to do them and is willing to wait. We really miss you here!

Jason Coobs said...

I hope to be back in early Oct for a conference. It will probably be a quick in and out trip. Sadly, there probably won't be time for pics however. Good to hear from you Teri, miss you guys!