Friday, June 1, 2007

Fox 'n Friends

Today will be a good day. I spent some very profitable time with the Lord this morning and hope to get some good reading done. I return to GA on Sunday and am ready to jump into Freedom Church . Until then, I hope to soak up as much of the Mountains as I can.
Just thought I would share with you all some to the critters that are known to wander about the backyard from time to time. Some seem to be permanent residence due to the fact that my mom runs a wildlife food kitchen out back; or close enough! You're probably not suppose to feed them, but we like it!

Originally named: Foxy. Every now and then you'll see the babies running around; cute little guys. She normally has about 3-5 little ones.

She even lets you feed her; she loves hot dogs!

Regrettably, I have never seen the Bear. My dad was able to capture these photos on our back deck. I hope she'll come back around soon!

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