Wednesday, June 13, 2007

PGA Tour Superstore

Last night my friend Dan and I, as well as Dan's Brother Kent, met to play some tennis but when dark clouds rolled we decided to head over to the PGA Tour Superstore. It truly is a superstore, this place was huge! They had an indoor court where you could play and try out almost any racket they sell! I played with the racket used by Andre Agassi, I like it!
They also had those really big tennis balls that say "U.S. Open" on them, I've always wanted one of those but thought it would be more appropriate to get one if I were to ever actually go to the U.S. Open.
We had a good time!!

Dan's Monster Serve

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Anonymous said...

So what racket does Andre use? I could use the info for future gift ideas, not that you don't give me any ideas along the way. Great pic of Dan. I'm glad your getting into the nitty gritty of church planting. That's a blessed answer to prayer. I'm still praying.
Love You,