Tuesday, June 5, 2007

May I Introduce You To

The Pastor of Freedom Church, J.R. Lee. Always a good time, for sure! My history with J.R goes back quite a ways. I first met J.R. when I was in Middle school. He and a good friend of his Mark Ayers were my camp counselors. Some of my favorite memories were at camp in Panama City at a Coffee Kettle at 3 o'clock in the morning while J.R. tried to eat a whole plate of pancakes drenched in a pitcher of syrup. There was never a dull moment let me assure you!
On a more serious note, J.R. and Mark were both extremely influential in my spiritual growth as a young person. We had some crazy times but also some serious spiritual growth times as well. His heart and passion makes him a great fit for the pastor of Freedom Church!


Jon Kenney, DIgital Arts Pastor of Freedom Church said...

Welcome a board Jason! Hopefully I get a chance to meet you before summer's end.

JR has never looked better than in that picture. You rock.

Jason Coobs said...

Thanks Jon, Look forward to meeting you!