Thursday, June 7, 2007

Great Books I

Title: Manly Dominion: In a Passive-purple Four-ball World
Author: Mark Chanski
Publisher: Calvary Press
Publish Date: 2004
Pages: 244
Amazon Price: New- $8.99 + 3.99 Shipping

It is obvious to anyone who looks around in todays world that any sort of manly assertion, initiative, or leadership is frowned upon. Men in todays world are taught to sit back in passivity while women are taught to stand up and lead. This is not the picture of a godly man we are given in Scripture. It is difficult for men, seeking after godliness, to be the men that God has called them to be when everyone else in the world is screaming at them to sit down and shut up.
In Manly Dominion, Mark Chanski does a remarkable job defining what a biblical man aught to look like. One thing I love about this book is that it not only defines what a biblical, godly man ought to look like, but it is extremely practical in explaining, with Scripture, how this can be attained. The book is broken down into seven sections containing a number of chapters in each. The sections contained are as follows:
  1. Manly Dominion in Scriptural Perspective
  2. Manly Dominion in Vocational Laboring
  3. Manly Dominion in Decision Making
  4. Manly Dominion in Spiritual Living
  5. Manly Dominion in Husbanding
  6. Manly Dominion in Child Rearing
  7. Manly Dominion in Romance Managing
Whether you are a single person (like myself) or married, this book gives great insight and practical advice, from a pastor, on how men in today's world can stand up, lead and shun passivity in our everyday lives. This is something that I feel is sorely needed in our world today. Let us be the men of God we are called to be!

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