Saturday, March 1, 2008

Who Controls You?

As I begin working my way through When People are Big and God is Small there are some questions that I have been faced with. Even in the first chapter Welch begins to describe different kinds of people who are seeminly controlled by the opinions of others; people who are constantly worried about what other people think of them, or will think if they make a particular decision. If you are so overcome with paranoia about what other people think about you rather than what God thinks about you there is a major disconnect. Something is not right.

This hits home with me. I struggle with being a people pleaser, always wanting to do whatever it is that will make other people pleased with me. This is not inherently wrong, but when I begin to compromise what I feel the Lord is showing me or leading me to do, it becomes sin and I've begun to make Idols out of those people in my life.

It is a delicate balance however; to listen to and accept advice and counsel from others yet stand on your own convictions. It is easy when scripture is directly opposed to a particular piece of advice but what about when it comes down to mere opinion; when scripture is not clear on an issue. This is when it becomes difficult for me. Learning to hear Gods voice for myself while remaining sensitive to the counsel of others. It is a delicate balance. I pray that I always keep them both in perspective!

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Teri said...

Great word Jason.....and that delicate balance will always be there!