Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sledding, Bushdiving and A LOT of Snow!

In light of our "blizzard" some friends and I decided to have some fun in the mounds of snow! Fun including the age old tradition of bush diving, sledding on a hill with TONS of other people and of course some snowball fights. All in all we got about 13 inches, which is a ton more than Louisville usually gets!

I was able to snap some sequence shots of the festivities! This is Bobby taking an awesome dive in the park! Get ready for a LOT of pictures!

Jordan's Run!

Brian's Run!

Bobby's 2'nd go!

So...sadly, there are no still shots of my dives, those were only caught on video, maybe i'll post it at some point!

This is a shot of the park that is right next to campus...when it snows in Louisville, EVERYONE is out to play in it!

My lady came along as the videographer!

After a trip to Target to see what we could find to sled on, this is all they had left...the storage bins we bought didn't work, but these babies would fly!
All in all, great day!!!

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Jessee said...

That looked like a ton of fun. But I wonder if the bush had fun. I mean the bush just got snowed on and now it needs to focus on survival. I know, and you know, that it is one of our jobs given by God to cultivate the land. I don't think this is what he meant.