Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Week/end

Amongst the ciaos of the semester, there is a bit of fun here and there. Last Thursday night some of the other RL's and I went over to the Deklavon's house to for some Chill time, food,...and March Madness! Dr. Deklavon and his wife are some of the most hospitable people I know and always have people coming over to their house! It was a great time!

The rest of the weekend was spent busting the homework, a Parents Night Out at church watching about 61 youngsters, and the second annual Apostolost & Found. It was a very busy weekend. This coming week will be one of the busiest of the semester for me, but the reward follows with Spring Break! I'll be heading to Georgia with my Sweetheart to see my family and friends. Can't wait!

Eric and Kristen Yeildel came over for a bit with Mary Grace...I couldn't help but snap a few shots! What a cute kid!


Anonymous said...

Now you're using pet names for her on your blog!! Man, you guys have gotten a lot closer recently (pet names aside). It has been my honor to be y'alls friend through it so far...

Jessee said...

That reminds me I'd better mop the floors, Shine the windows, polish the brass, and vacuum the cat. I can't wait till you guys arrive!!!