Thursday, March 27, 2008

Coffee and Taxes

So my morning is being spent at the local Java Brewing Co and amongst the many chores of the day is my Taxes. The consensus I have gotten is that its easier/more cost efficient to to them yourself online, at least for a single guy in my position. I have been fortunate enough, up to this point, to have my family do them, but its time to be a big boy and do them myself. This could prove to be a disaster, but hopefully not! After that there is plenty of studying to do! The semester is progressing down the funnel, narrowing each day; however, I think I'll make it to the end without any major disasters. God is faithful!

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Jessee said...

Taxes are easy!! I just did mine 2 weeks ago and already got my state return back. Your young, single and poor. Off course I don't know anything about KY tax laws, but the Fed. should be the same. enjoy these simple years!!