Friday, March 14, 2008

Courageous Faith!

Not long ago, in one of my classes, I learned about a martyr for the faith named Polycarp. He was a disciple of the Apostle John and bishop in Smyrna around A.D. 156. When faced with death at the hands of Romans if he did not reject Christ, this was his response:

"Eighty and six years have I served him, and he never once wronged me; how then shall I blaspheme my King, Who hath saved me?"

When told that he would be burned at the stake he replied:

"You threaten me with fire, which burns for an hour, and is soon extinguished; but the fire of the future judgment, and of eternal punishment reserved for the ungodly, you are ignorant of. But why do you delay? Do whatever you please."

Oh to have a faith so sure as this!

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