Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time Well Spent

Pastor Steven Furtick had a great post today about time and investment! Every opportunity with people should be seen as an investment! He said that a pastor friend of his said that there are three ways to use time:
  1. Waste it,
  2. Spend it,
  3. Invest it.
I am a very task oriented person and like things on a schedule. This can be a strength but it can also be a weakness for many times in ministry you never know when an opportunity may come up to invest in someones life. And when these opportunities do come, I must see them as just that...investment! Many times I am guilty of seeing people more as obstacles than opportunities! This should not be! Every encounter with someone is an opportunity to encourage, to admonish, and build up! People are an investment! If ministry isn't about people than what is it about?

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J.R. Lee said...

Bueno. We must talk soon!