Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Yesterday I made some adjustments to my priorities. I have been working through Simple Church for WAY to long now and need to start finishing it up. I have loved every bit of it, however it seems like the time to read it always escapes me now that the semester has started. There is always something I MUST do and since reading Simple Church is a "like to" and not a "must" it always gets pushed to the side.

So, I decided that whenever I sit down to study or whatever I am going to start by reading Simple Church for at least a little while. The other work MUST get done and will get done. This way both get accomplished. I'm tired of things that I 'want' to do getting squeezed out by what 'must' get done. Hopefully this will eliminate that problem and help facilitate movement through the reading 'I' want to accomplish.

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