Monday, September 29, 2008

-Priority Shift-

If you've ever felt over-committed and spread thin, you know that its a vary hectic, disorderly feeling. Me and this feeling don't get along so well so I've recently made some changes to, Lord willing, correct this problem. As of a couple days ago I quit my second p/t job. This will allow me to do a number of things that I feel necessary to maintain proper priorities as well as my sanity!

One of the major benefits is that I'll now be able to give more time to photography, which, right now, is essential! Another benefit and something that I want to be more diligent follow through with is reading! Since things have gotten so crazy, reading has fallen to the way side...Lord willing, this will change! Also, I want to make a more concerted effort to spend more quality time with good friends! Life gets busy, and the busier it gets the more we have to fight to guard our priorities, and sometimes make some changes or sacrifices. For me, obviously, I'll have to be more careful with my finances, but I think this is a change that needs to happen!

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