Thursday, September 11, 2008

-Colorado: Day One-

Mountains, Family, Home, Cool Weather....Extremely relaxing!!! I love it! Day one was great!

Beginning at 5:45...that means early!!
Nice sunrise though!!
Ahhh...the Mountains! A little stroll through the back yard!!

MUCH laughter!!
The Rock Band!
Or not....
...And Smores for dessert around a nice "camp fire" to end the evening!

Now that's a good day!!


Bobby said...

Dude, that looks like a great time! I especially love the rock band photo! you guys crack me up!

Jessee said...

The rock band pic is so PUNK. I love it. Terri's hat was a nice touch. I wish I could of came out this year. Keep posting more pics of your visit.

Webb said...

dude what the trash man. when am i coming to visit????

sweet pics btw, they're awesome! get back soon so we can all chill again

Mike, Dawn and Emily Rose said...

I didn't get my invitation yet! It must have gotten lost in the mail...yeah, yeah, that's it!

Love the pics! Has anyone ever told you that you take OK pictures?