Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It seems sometimes (actually most of the time) I have an trouble with this. Why?

 Why is it that the Lord has given me so much, yet I constantly want more? I envy those people that I meet that have this peace and tranquility about them at all times. Some attribute this to personality, which it may be in some cases, but others have truly learned, over time no doubt, the secret of being content as Paul did...It seems I have some learning to do. 

There is great need for wisdom, however, for sometimes a lack of contentment signifies a change in lifestyle that needs to happen. One is not simply to roll-over and accept every circumstance that comes his way if he has the ability to change it. This is especially true for men, who have the responsibility of taking care of their family (I don't have a family of my own yet, but am beginning to understand this responsibility).  

We are always called to fully trust and rest in the Lord but also to be good stewards of all the Lord has given us such as time, talents, money, family... Sometimes this means making difficult decisions, but never to lack trust or be ill-content with the Lord...

What a difficult task...I pray for wisdom!  

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Bobby said...

Good talkin to you today bro! I relate to what you're sayin man. Coincidently (or providentially) one of my favorite passages is Philippians 4:10-13. It deals exactly with that, study up, God reminds me of this passage often, especially lately.
Praying for you bro.