Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lazy Days!!!

Finally a break!!!!! The last two days have been quietly awesome!! Things have been accomplished but at my pace. I have definitely let myself sleep in a little, do some personal reading, and have some fun....its been great! Im trying to keep things slow over the weekend cause things will pick back up next week with family in town, graduation, and three weeks of weddings! ...Speaking of Photography...I am rather annoyed with my hosting/website company! They are definitely taking there marry little time getting me my site, which I have already begun to pay for...this does not make me happy. Anyways...on the itinerary for the evening...a little lite studying, perhaps some more reading, and quietness! Definitely looking forward to it!!

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Webb said...

hey bro, glad your having some good days!

i wanted to let you know i put the whole summer story on my blog so check it out!