Friday, May 15, 2009

New Things!!

Man things have been busy around hear!! It's turning out to be a great year and I'm really excited about some changes that have been made and some new things to offer! Check out these new proofbooks just delivered from the lab! I just started using them and they are AWESOME! I'm also waiting anxiously for my new sample album lush with high quality leather, full page spreads, flush mount binding, the works. It's like Christmas!! I also picked up a new lens that I'm dying to try out! I'm shooting some engagements tonight so I'll put it to the test and let you know how I like it. Check back and I'll show you! For now, enjoy this juicy procuct goodness!






Caleb Fleming said...

Ohh, I like the new portrait lens! I'll be keeping an eye out for shots & reviews!

todd pellowe said...

that's one of my favorite lenses. you'll love it. great for portraits and tighter shots at weddings.