Sunday, March 22, 2009

In The Presence of Greatness!

So I've got to give a shout out! All this time I've been in the presence of greatness and I didn't even know it! Jen and I are a part of an amazing community group at Crossing Church here in Louisville, which we love!! This group is compiled of truly great people, all of whom we love dearly! In the midst is TJ Grant. TJ is a graphic designer by profession and hobby! Yesterday we got a glimpse of some of his personal work and he is crazy talented! Being in somewhat related fields, I have tremendous respect for this form of art! I thought you all might enjoy some of it as well! Check out some of his other work at his blog here! Keep in mind, these are digital paintings...amazing!

This is called Fire Plains
Fire plains 6-TJ Grant

Freedom 4- TJ Grant

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