Sunday, June 8, 2008

They call it Geo-caching!

Me and some of the guys hung out last night and decided to use Tony's GPS to go Geo-caching! If your not familiar with what it is, its a pretty simple process! All you need is a GPS device. People hide little containers all over the state, country and world for people to find using their GPS. Once hidden, they record the coordinates online for people to go and find. Each Geo-cach has different items in it and once you find it your suppose to sign your name and add something of yours to the container. Some are difficult to find, some are decently easy, some are disguised very well, some are not. It was fun! Last night we found 3 out of 4! Great time with the guys!!

The beginning...the writing of the coordinates.
Dan and Riddle bickering before we left... :)
Behind the camera.
Deep thought.
Found one!
Down the tracks.

The hunt continues!
Tony's toy. (I want one!)
Riddle with the find...#2.
This last one we found in a cemetery...and some random dude was just sitting their in the dark...definitely sketch!
Good times!!

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Jessee said...

I can get you one cheap. Good brands like Garmin, Lowrance, uniden, and audiovox.