Sunday, May 27, 2007

Southern Living

I was recently informed by a good friend that everyone in church planting blogs. I would not consider myself a church planter (yet, perhaps) but I will be working with a church plant, Freedom Church, this summer in Acworth Georgia. I am working with some good friends and men that are, in a big way, responsible for my spiritual growth when I was a teenager. It is a great opportunity and one that I look forward to starting this next week with much anticipation.
I use to blog a bit last summer mainly so that friends and family could have a good idea of what was happening in my life but when the responsibilities of school and church became almost too much to handle, the blog was the first to go. But with the summer comes more time. Although the work is already piling up, I hope to be able to blog more consistently.
For starters, I have a number of books I hope to devour this summer for personal growth as well as some church planting and missions books to be read for my internship for my missions major at Boyce. Here is a peek at a portion of my pe
rsonal growth reading for the summer.
I haven't lived in Georgia for years so I am also excited to be able to spend time with friends I haven't seek in quite a while. Such an opportunity came the other day when I was able to see a friend, Kenny, I met in Argentina and haven't seen in almost four years. There is much catching up to do but I am excited about it.

Of Course , Tennis is a must as well!

For now, however, I have the privilege of being at home visiting the fam (minus one). I'll post more about that later.

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