Thursday, July 9, 2009

Photographers Check This Out...Free Stuff!

The Photography industry is changing at a rapid pace and one of the greatest ways it is changing is with what could be described as a "Learn and Share" mentality! Gone are the days that you learn of an opportunity or new technique and keep it all to yourself! The photography community at large is becoming, mostly thanks to technologies such as blogs and online forums and "virtual" communities" online, much more open and friendly to sharing information! I have enjoyed tremendously this benefit in reading many blogs and learning a wealth of information from other photographers just by sitting at my desk!

This is something that I want to be a part of! As I learn things I want to also be sharing things! It's the "I want to be a river not a lake" mentality, if you will! Therefore, I hope to make semi-frequent posts about different things that I am learning about photography. There are others who are WAY further down the road than I am whom I constantly seek to be learning from; and on the flip side, there are others who are not as far along in their journey who may be able to benefit from things that I have learned! This is my hope at least!

With that being said, one of the many photographers I follow is David Jay. If you haven't heard of David Jay, you should check him out here, anyways he has a link posted about a free Audio book called Free by Chris Anderson. You can watch a great video by DJ about how the book can be beneficial in the photography industry as well as download the book and put it on your iphone/ipod! Great free resource!

David Jay Video

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Awesome! Thanks for the post! Keep rocking!