Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day Thoughts...By Mark

I would try and write something myself but a good friend Mark said it better...very encouraging!

I am a dual citizen. I am an American by birth, and I am dedicated to the great nation that God has allowed me to live in and grow a family in. First and foremost, however, I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God. It is a Kingdom in which the economy does not crash, that can never fall from power, and whose King is and will always be victorious. No matter what happens the King is not shaken, nor caught by surprise. He rules, not by the power of the people, but powerfully over all people. His plans cannot be thwarted, His term never expires, and He conquers all His enemies. It is a Kingdom not merely limited by the borders of the United States of America, but rather expands globally to emcompass people from every tongue and every tribe.

As a dual citizen my responsibility is great. My citizenship as an American takes 2nd place to my citizenship in God's Kingdom. Further, my citizenship in God's Kingdom greatly effects my citizenship as an American citizen. As an American citizen I have been given the responsibility to vote for my leaders. As a Citizen in God's Kingdom I have been given the responsibility to vote according the values which God has set forth in His written Word. Therefore, I must approach the voting booth with a mindset that the leaders I choose to give my voice to must align mostly with the values that my King holds dear. This does not mean what the Candidate says he/she holds dear, but rather the values he/she displays and demonstrates.

Today I vote. I have a duty, and I have a responsibility. As a citizen in God's Kingdom, choosing not to vote is a dangerous choice because I am well aware that the America before me is the one I have the responsibility to choose. The America that my children will inhabit longer than I is the America in which I presently have an active voice. Choosing not to vote is not only a bad choice, but an irresponsible one. It is not merely irresponsible as an American citizen, but as a citizen in God's Kingdom."